A Basic Guide to Botox, Brazilian Butt Lifts and Other Cosmetic Injections

A Basic Guide to Botox, Brazilian Butt Lifts and Other Cosmetic Injections

In the ever-changing world of cosmetics, injections are becoming some of the most popular interventions — as well as one of the most profitable, encouraging many beauty specialists to enroll on dermal fillers courses in order to become qualified.12 billion dollars were spent in 2013 in the US alone, so injections are big business indeed.

More specifically, we’re talking about injections of botox, hyaluronic acid and collagen: three substances that also go under the name of muscle relaxers (Botox) and ‘wrinkle fillers’ (all other injections), which prevent the resurgence of wrinkles and produce or preserve a youthful-looking face.

If the world seems to be going mad for this type of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, it’s mostly because they are very convenient. Noticeable differences in the treated areas are visible after only one or two injections.

There are two types of fillers: temporary and permanent. In the first instance, fillers will naturally disappear after a few months and require a regular top-up. Permanent fillers however will very likely remain in the body. They will remain forever in the skin and will mostly resorb themselves after a few years.

Permanent fillers
Artecoll and Dermalive are two products that are composed of polymer molecules injected into the skin to help rebuild the collagen in a given area — typically around the eyes, on the forehead and around the mouth, in order to fill it up and erase wrinkles, creases and folds.

Prices go for around 900 $ a pop — a plump sum which can’t be too bad a profit for the beauty specialist.

Temporary injections
Botox is one of the most famous injections, rendered very popular by the many celebrities praising its benefits. Unlike permanent fillers, Botox simply relaxes facial muscles to make you look younger: it prevents a muscle to contract too much and give wrinkles. It can be injected around the eye, the mouth and even the neck. One session is required every three to four months and it costs on average around $300 per area only.

Hyaluronic acid is the second most popular injection after the Botox. It’s a substance that is already active in our bodies so risk of allergies stand to a minimum. Results are visible immediately which explains its popularity. A $450 session every six to twelve months is typically recommended.
Lastly, collagen is a protein that comes at $450 a pop, $100 more if it is human-based. Human-based versus bovine collagen limits risks of allergies: it’s more convenient and very much sought after because it doesn’t require allergy tests prior to the injections. However, it’s also been at the heart of a number of controversies because of a lack of regulation.

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